Stop-Limit-On-Quote Order: A Brief Guide For You

stop on quote: featured image

While trading, it is essential to decide your orders wisely. Investors and traders must analyze and observe the market before placing an order. It is equally essential for the trader to understand the types and differences between different types of orders. Orders in simple language allow you to govern which stocks you wish to trade. …

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List of Top 30 Candlestick Patterns That You Must Know

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The stock market is full of different patterns of growth, price hikes, and other criteria. Candlesticks are tools to understand and analyze trading trends of the market at different instants of time. It helps the technical analysts and investors to make a fair judgment for investing in stocks. It allows the investors to judge and …

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Best Trading Strategies for Beginners​

Trading Strategies for Beginners

Best trading strategies for beginners Introduction Trading can be a very tricky and difficult task for beginners. It is because beginners may fail to completely understand the process and setup of trading. Also, there are certain strategies and official terms related to trading which are often neglected by beginners. Learning and Understanding these strategies and …

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