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A Complete CryptoCurrency List Worth Investing in 2021

Want to about Cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin? Check out our complete cryptocurrency list, which is worth investing in.

Cryptocurrency is a whole new dimension for investors and traders around the Globe. The old school methods of investing and trading in various options such as mutual funds, fixed deposits, etc., are now overruled by investment in cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is simply a new form of currency traded online. It is currency traded and generated on different online platforms. The transactions of various cryptocurrency kinds are based on a decentralized system.

A decentralized working system is one of the critical features of the different and vivid cryptocurrencies available. The programmers develop all kinds of cryptocurrencies in the form of codes. You can easily access it by mining and other activities.

best cryptocurrency to invest

Getting any cryptocurrency in your possession is not a difficult task. Firstly you must determine what kind of cryptocurrency you want. This will help you to decide a process as well. There are many cryptocurrencies available online for investors and traders over the Globe. However, before you go into depth about getting your hands on any cryptocurrency, you must decide which one.

This form of new currency is constantly widening its approach daily. Several new types of coins and currencies are launched daily with competence to the available forms of Bitcoins. Other coin-based currencies available in the online market include altcoins, shitcoins, etc. There are various investment options based on the type of investment you wish to make. The last noted number of cryptocurrencies available on the different online platforms over the Globe was over 6000. Interested investors can access over 6000 kinds of cryptocurrencies.  So, in this post, we have provided you with a complete cryptocurrency list other than bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency List

If you are confused about which cryptocurrency is most beneficial for investment and trading. The best cryptocurrencies available online for investors are:


The first currency on the Cryptocurrency list is Litecoin. Also abbreviated as LTC, Litecoin is one of the leading cheap cryptocurrencies available for investors. It is comparatively cheaper than Bitcoins and thus is considered as a lesser value Bitcoins. They were launched in 2011 under the influence of the popularity of Bitcoins. They were the first coin-based currency after Bitcoins.

cryptocurrency other than bitcoin: LiteCoin

Litecoins are not regular coin-based cryptocurrencies. They have a working principle of an open functional global system that is not governed by any government authority. They work be to the boundaries of government authorities and as individual units. Litcoins have a faster transaction procedure as compared to Bitcoins. The block generation and selling of Litecoins are rapid and easy for investors. There are various platforms on which you can utilize your Litecoins for all kinds of trading. Starting from scratch, Litecoins now have a worth of around 120 dollars for each token. It holds a high rank in the top cryptocurrency on the Globe.


PolkaDot or simply Dot is somewhat different from coin-based cryptocurrency. It allows the investors involved in other blockchains to connect altogether. You can operate different blockchains in trading when you invest in PolkaDot. The central functioning unit of Dot is that it combines all the linkable or non-linkable chains of cryptocurrencies to work as a single unit. It helps the investors to manage their expenses and assets according to the availability of cryptocurrencies altogether.

cheap cryptocurrency: Polkadot

The investors who invested in different cryptocurrencies and cannot be merged need not worry about utilizing Dot. PolkaDot allows the investors to use a specific feature of parachains, allowing them to connect chains similarly. Similarly, it means that PolkaDot enables these chains to operate as connected by simply letting them use their kind of token or units. The PolkaDot is now standing at a reputed market value of 35 billion dollars, with every Dot valuing around 35 dollars to the investors.


Ethereum, widely called ET, is a unique and remarkable form of cryptocurrency and is added to our Cryptocurrency list. It is one of the popular currencies on this Cryptocurrency list. Ethereum allows you to buy cheap cryptocurrency with no restrictions in accessing it from any corner of the world. It is based on a decentralized platform that utilizes all the perks of connecting different investors. The individual token of Ethereum called ether is specialized on the platform on which it is created. After Bitcoin, Ethers are on the top of the list of cryptocurrencies wanted and desired by investors and traders in the market.

cryptocurrency list : Ethereum

Ethereum was initiated in 2015 and now stands on the top after Bitcoins. The market value of Ethereum is nearly 50% of what Bitcoins possess. So, if you think that the crowd is moving towards Bitcoins and you would like to change that, Ethereum is the best cryptocurrency you can choose. Ethereum is the most secure platform for cryptocurrency trading and investing.


The next one on the Cryptocurrency list is Cardona, commonly called ADA, a cryptocurrency based on Ouoroborosproof of stake. It is a well-constructed platform by algorithm generated by a team of skilled engineers, cryptocurrency specialists, and mathematicians.

best cryptocurrency to invest in: Cardona

Cardona solves the issues of blockchain Operability in different platforms and the central point of decentralization all in one. Therefore, ADA is the best available option if you are looking for a cheap cryptocurrency that solves Operability between chains and decentralization of assets. It costs you around 2.5 dollars for each unit of ADA. It has the third position in the top rankers on the market capital value amongst thousands of cryptocurrencies available online.


Stellar usually goes by XLM in the cryptocurrency market. It is a cryptocurrency based entirely on blockchain networks. It works on the principle of an open cryptocurrency blockchain network. The investors can connect the various financial platforms they have invested in to form a bigger unit for heavier transactions. Investors face a lot of issues while transferring huge transactions to the respective platforms. It requires a considerable deal of time as well as the involvement of intermediates. This becomes a very lengthy and costly process for the investors.

cryptocurrency: Stellar

 Steller, however, allows you to access any blockchain for transactions due to its open blockchain benefit. Although the actual currency in which stellar deals is lumens or XLM, its open access to any kind of blockchain allows users to exchange and trade in different currencies easily. The total market value of the steller has reached above 500 million dollars, whereas the single lumen costs around 0.30 dollars. For the investors looking for cheap cryptocurrency which is highly growing, stellar is appropriate.

Binance coin

Binance coin is different from all the kinds of cryptocurrencies we have discussed earlier. Binance coins can only be used in exchange for trading any services on their official platform. When traders begin trading through different media, their expenses are hiked. These expenses can be well managed by spending the Binance coins in your possession instead of actual money.

best cryptocurrency to invest: Binance coin

There are so many more things you can do while using the Binance exchange platform. Services such as accessing blockchains, regular trading, and exchanging cryptocurrencies can be quickly done on the binance exchange platform. Binance coin or BNB was earlier traded and exchanged as a part of Ethereumblockchain. However, it grew a more significant market on its own. Currently, the market value of Binance coins is more than 71 million dollars, whereas each binance currency costs around 450 dollars to the buyers.

Bitcoin Cash

Another common one on the Cryptocurrency list is Bitcoin Cash, Abbreviated as BSH, an integral part of the altcoin family of cryptocurrencies. It holds significance in the process of advancement and progress of various altcoins available in the market. Bitcoin cash is considered one of the best substitutes launched after Bitcoins.

Bitcoin cash was developed due to a spat between miners and coders. The coders wished to perform changes in the cryptocurrency codes, which miners did not approve. The coders initiated various changes to optimize and smartly use the block space and make it better for large transactions. However, as a product of which, Bitcoin cash was formed on the altered and changed code given by the coders.

crypto to invest in: Bitcoin cash

The codes, block memory, miners’ opinion, etc., made Bitcoin cash a different yet same kind of cryptocurrency as Bitcoins. Although, the birth of this new cryptocurrency was marked as the beginning of a series of altcoins in the future. The market value of Bitcoin cash has successfully reached more than 70 million dollars. However, each BCH unit costs around 60p dollars to the traders or investors.


Usually called USTD is a popular form of cryptocurrency. It comes under the category of Stable coins. A stable currency is a term used by cryptocurrency professionals for the kind of cryptocurrency that remains on a goal to achieve specific value and possess stability against sudden changing trends of the market. Stable coins change their prices regularly to avoid any kind of sudden depression or hike in the price graph. The investors looking for a steady and less dramatic option while trading in cryptocurrency are widely benefited by USTD tokens.

cryptocurrency coin: Tether

In addition to this, the significant benefit offered by a tether to its buyers is easy to exchange. The traders on investors having tether as their cryptocurrency can easily swap them in the US dollar according to the current value of the Us dollar in the international market. Tether also allows the users to access and utilize different blockchains of their concern. Starting from the ground, tether now stands in the top 5 cryptocurrencies in the world. The actual market value of tether in the international market is more than 60 Million dollars. However, the single unit can be brought from the platform in a single dollar.


The Last one on this Cryptocurrency list is Chainlike. Talked about in the market by Link, Chainlink is a one-stop solution to your two significant issues. It is an Oracle-based cryptocurrency that removes the barriers between accessing smart contracts and outside data under one application. Chainlink allows you to access different kinds of contracts like other cryptocurrencies and helps you to utilize data and information outside this domain. There are various kinds and sizes of data that need to be accessed by users daily. The supportive Oracle-based decentralized platform of Chainlink allows you to do so without leaving their site.

cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin: Chainlink

By using Chainlink, you can directly connect your smart contract with the available data for easy access. This cryptocurrency is different from other cryptocurrencies as it is Oracle-based and can manage data efficiently. In the last market check of 2021, the net worth of Chainlink was found to be above 13 billion dollars, whereas the buyers can get a single link for just 30 dollars per unit price range.

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Like the sea is full of fish, there are plenty of options for you to choose a kind of cryptocurrency from. Although, different cryptocurrencies offer different benefits and are appropriate to other people. The perks of a certain type of cryptocurrency depend entirely on the market situation, user requirements, and trader skills. Therefore, it’s safe to look for plenty of options and gather information about each before putting your time and money into that cryptocurrency. So, all the currencies are mentioned in this Cryptocurrency list are worth investing in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which CryptoCurrency can Overtake Bitcoin?

In our opinion, Ethereum can overtake Bitcoin. Ethereum allows you to buy cheap cryptocurrency with no restrictions in accessing it from any corner of the world. It is based on a decentralized platform that utilizes all the perks of connecting different investors.

  • Which is the best alternative for Bitcoin?

If you are looking for good Bitcoin alternatives, we suggest you go for Litecoin and Ethereum. Other than this, there are up to 4400 cryptocurrencies available that you can trade today.

  • Which Crypto Should I buy now?

If you want higher returns, you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Wilder World, Axie Infinity Shards, Solana, and LiteCoins.

  • Should I invest in Crypto?

Indeed, investing in Crypto is risky, but you can also earn a good amount with this. If the risk is higher, the profit potential is also higher.

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