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Complete Guide to Make Money From Stock Market

Yes, indeed, the share market is risky, but it should not stop you from investing in the stock market. It would help if you learned to invest in the stock market to get the required profits. It is not going to be that easy to make money from stock market. It will take up a lot of your time to know what is going on in the market and how to turn that situation in your favor. No decided formula can help you get your required profits in the stock market, but you can surely get what you want if you follow some simple trading rules.

make money from stock market

When it comes to ways to make money online, investing in the stock market comes to everyone’s mind. Some say it is pure luck to get profits in the stock market, and for some, it is pure knowledge. For us, it is both. You need both to succeed in the market. But, unfortunately, we can not do anything about luck, but we can teach you some rules to make money from stock markets in India. So, without any adieu, let’s begin with the methods to make money online from stock markets in India.

7 Ways to Make Money From Stock Market

The stock market in India has been through a lot of ups and downs in the past year. So, most people are afraid of investing in the stock market, and they look for other ways to make money from home. To help you learn how to make money from stock markets in India, here are the seven rules that you must follow.

ways to make money online: 7 rules to invest money

Choose Fundamental Trading Over Speculator Trading

When it comes to trading, you will come across two types of traders. The first type is when the trader thinks about fundamental investing, and the other is all about speculations. If you have to differentiate between the two, you can say that one is more concerned about the stock price than the other about the company fundamentals.

When it comes to fundamental trading, they check the company fundamentals rather than limiting the stock price. They are more concerned about how the company has performed and what is expected in the upcoming time.

Other than this, when it comes to speculator investing, they are more concerned about the stock price. They care about how much profit you can earn with the stock without emphasizing the fundamentals.

Usually, beginners follow speculator investing because they do not know how they can learn about the fundamentals of the company or how to interpret those. In our opinion, you should follow the fundamental investing approach because it is safer to make money from stock market.

Do Not Invest Based on Herd Mentality

With this, we mean that do not go for everything people around you are doing. Usually, people buy or sell the stocks that their acquaintances buy or sell. So, if most people around you are investing in a particular stock, you may also want to invest in the same store. We indeed do not advise you to follow this practice. This strategy may not work well when it comes to investing for a long time. This is where you can try to be fearless and take the risk rather than being greedy for the profits.

Do Not Time The Stock

This is something most people do. They time the stock. Usually, when people time the stock, you can lose much money. We surely do not advise you to use this strategy when investing in the stock market. Let’s be logical; you can not know the high or low of the stock accurately. The stock market is all about patience, and if you do not have patience, you can lose much money. So, whenever you invest in the stock market, you need to have much patience.

Disciplined Approach

make money from stock market in India: disciplined approach

The trend of the stock market in India is never the same. Someday you are going to get high returns, or sometimes you lose. There are many panic moments in the stock market but, you need to know that you have to invest in the stocks in a disciplined manner. Ensure that when you invest in the stock market, you invest for the long term and keep a systematic approach for the same. Do not just invest or disinvest randomly. Because of the panic approaches, people lose much money in the stock market.

Avoid Emotional Judgements

Most people, while investing in the stock market, keep their emotions on the top and the logic far away. Significantly when you invest in a bull market, you may feel that you can earn more and more, and you may end up investing in the wrong stocks. Do not be greedy. Have patience and see where the market goes.

Don’t Be Unrealistic.

When it comes to the profit that you want to earn from the stock market, most of us just become unrealistic even though we know we can not achieve that specific goal. So, we will suggest you not be unrealistic when it comes to purposes related to the stock market in India. It is not going to happen in a day or two. You can not just earn 50% profit or even 10% profit in a day. You need to be updated on where the market is going and how much time it will take to achieve a specific and considerable profit amount.

Use Surplus Funds

You can indeed make money online or earn a considerable amount of profit in the share market, but using all your investments or needed capital to invest in the market is just sheer stupidity. We suggest you invest only the surplus funds that you have so that you can still survive with what you have even if you are in Los at that moment. This is where reinvestment comes into account. What you have to do is to use the surplus funds to invest in the share market in India. Once you start making a profit from it, begin reinvesting the same money and earn more profit. But, still, never be greedy and patient.

Complete Process to Make Money from Stock Market in India

Now, before you proceed to invest in the stock market, you must know the whole process. Always remember to see the process so that you can plan how you want to work on it. Check out the entire investing strategy to make money from stock market.

learn how to make money from stock markets in India

Research Properly

Even if you are 100% sure about a particular stock, we do not suggest you go for it without any second thoughts. Most people miss this step when it comes to buying a stock. You need to research the stock correctly, check the company background, check the company performance and then only proceed with purchasing a stock. Do not hurry in buying a stock. Make sure to follow this first step correctly, and the whole process to make money online will become easier for you.

Check Performance

Though while researching you would have checked the performance of the company, it’s time to check how the share has been performing since these years. You need to check the version correctly to know when you have to exit from the market. If you do not research properly, you are not going to know when to leave.

Set Goals

So, the next thing in the process to make money in the stock market is to set reasonable goals about the stock’s performance. For say, if the highest amount of a stock is 200 and right now it is for 100. You can expect it to be 120 in three to six months. That’s when you need to sell the stock. But, always make sure that the credentials and the performance of the company are not affected in recent years.


Though buying is an essential part of investing in the share market in India, selling has the same importance. If you do not know when to sell a stock, there’s no use buying it. So, if you have set goals for a particular time and manage to achieve the goal, it’s time to sell it. We suggest you do not being greedy and expect higher returns from stock. If the stock has reached its goals, it’s time to sell them.


You won’t be able to make money online if you do not follow this step. If you have earned profit from your stock investments, it does not mean that you will spend all the hard-earned money like this. Reinvest the amount and then earn a profit on it. This is the only way to make money in the stock market with a tiny amount.

Learn How to Make Money from Stock Market in India: DIY Method

As we have mentioned, there is no! The particular rule that you can follow to make money online, but you can surely use DIY Method, which is the Do It Yourself method. So, what we mean is that you invest and learn how to invest. It would help if you did it on your own.

It can be an easy job to make money in the stock market for some people, and for some, they do not understand it. Therefore, if you want to get into it, follow the DIY approach.

But, you always have to remember to give it the time it needs. You are not going to master it in a day or two. You have to invest, and then you’ll know how it turns out to be for you.

ways to make money from home: DIY Approach

There are two significant parts of this DIY strategy to make money from stock market. Both are mentioned in detail below.

Ask the Relevant Questions

You can also call it researching for a particular stock. Ask questions regarding the company’s fundamentals, check how the company has performed, look for the big investors in the company, or if it is okay to buy that stock for long-term investment.

You can also categorize these questions in the following three parts:

  • Correct Price for the Stock: okay, so before investing in the stocks, you need to know the right price at which you can buy the stock. Please do not buy it at a price where there is highly any margin. Buy the stock only if the worth is intrinsic. This can help you get at least the required gains.

make money online: check price

  • About the Business:before you invest in a stock, make sure that the Business is good. Check if the company fundamentals are considerable or not. Also, check the future growth plans and the size of the company before investing the amount.
  • Time to Hold the Stock:The following common question you will come across when it comes to how to make money from the stock market in India is for how much time I need to hold the stock. In general cases, it should be at least three years which is undoubtedly long term. But, some stocks may be held for a shorter time. It ultimately depends on the performance of the stock.

Buy Like You Are Buying A Complete Business

The next step in DIY process to make money from stock market is to Stop thinking like you are buying a stock for yourself. Think like that you are purchasing a whole new company. Think like the owner of the company. Usually, what people do is that they buy the stock that other people tell them to. Think if you’ll buy a whole business and lose all your money just because other people tell you to, the answer is never. Always keep this in mind when you start investing in the Business.

Other than this, if you are a beginner and you do not know how to make money from stock market, you can also read best trading strategies for beginners.


We hope that with this post, you have got the answer about how to make money from stock market. Make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above if you are trying to make money from stock market. These will surely help you to make money online and will keep your investments safe. Also, as we have mentioned, you need to take risks and then make some decisions to get some high profits in the share market. Hopefully, this has helped you.

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