Yagoo Cover CEO Tani Go Yuanzhao received an exclusive interview with the Japanese media

Yagoo Cover CEO Tani Go Yuanzhao received an exclusive interview with the Japanese media

The popularity of Hololive Vtubers was one of the big events at ACG this year. Cover CEO Tani go Yuanzhao (aka: Yagoo) got an exclusive interview with the Japanese Diamond Signal media and spoke about last year’s Cover operations, including Taiwan’s Concerned about the Dragon Heart event, as well as Cover’s future prospects.


Yuanzhao Gu launched the envelope in 2016. He initially hopes to use the existing 3D animated characters to create activities. However, he knows that the animation production business is difficult to understand and the complex mechanism of copyright and administration makes it difficult to understand. He let the idea be. However, it was found that the business purpose of “Hololive Production” is to combine talent and games.


At the same time, he also created the first Live 2D look and then converted it to 3D.


To date, VTuber not only has its own partner brokerage company, but the number of people active in the form of live broadcasts is also increasing every day. Gradually, therefore, more and more “box push” fans (denoting the likes of the whole group) such as AKB and Morning Family. In an interview, Yagoo said that compared to youtubers, Vtuber is a relatively specialized brand and popular with only a few fans, so it’s hard to make the most popular videos, so he hopes to use this live event to keep up with the times. make the audience. way and also save you worries about cutting. And Vtuber is a combination of animation culture and an alien popular fighting mechanism.


Yagoo said that although Twitch has a long-standing culture in Douai, there is a similar mechanism in Japan called “17Live”, so he hopes to bring that culture to Vtuber.


In recent 2020 statistics, 7 of the world’s “Super Chat” Vtuber rankings from Japan and Kiryu Coco, which is at the top of the list, have lost more than 150 million yen. . And if you count only Japan, 9 in the top 10 for hololive Vtubers. Yagoo revealed that in May 2020 it received 700 million yen, of which 40 million yen was used to develop capture technology, and now has 10-digit (billion) yen per year, most of which apparently comes from the Vtuber. . their show currently has over 50 Vtubers under the hololive and the total number of subscriptions exceeds 10 million.


Yagoo said the Vtubers only had live 2D images when they debuted, and only after reaching a specific subscription could they obtain 3D modules and attend performances such as concerts. And fans will also witness Vtuber’s efforts and support them in the SC. It’s similar to idol bands like AKB48, like buying more CDs to push members to the stage.


In 2020, however, Cover also faced two major setbacks, the first being set on fire due to copyright issues and the second being a “dragon heart incident” known to many people. The Dragon Heart Incident process can no longer be repeated here (you can click here to watch the incident), Yagoo said: “Due to lack of consideration, this led to inflammation, so the contracts with the first and second student (refer to CN) were terminated.” Experience has shown that the company has set up a risk management committee to teach all its Vtubers about possible “mines” and pieces of intelligence.




Yagoo said: “If we make a mistake, we will correct it in time, but the people at Vtuber are also human. As a company, we must protect them from excessive attacks. . “


Yagoo believes that without the participation of foreign audiences, it will be difficult for Vtuber subscribers to break the million mark, which is why the hololive was originally targeted overseas. . He also admitted that during the epidemic many people time spent at home increased, and so working with Vtuber became one of the new entertainment options for people. “Japan has achieved market leadership in Vtuber and Cover will use the ‘culture seen only in Japan’ as a weapon in the hope of being a company that can challenge the global market.” Yagoo sei.

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