ways to earn from credit cards

How to earn from credit card? Top 12 Ways to Earn from Credit Card

How to earn from credit card? Top 12 Ways to Earn Through Credit Card

A credit card must be used rationally for smart spending and budgeting, avoiding the dangers of getting in a Credit debt trap. This credit card debt trap can lead to paying over and above as interest and fees. But when the credit card is used strategically and carefully.

It has advantages like reward points and other advantages: saving and earning money. Every credit card holder should follow two basic rules: to spend only on something which can be afforded; another one is to pay back the balance completely every month. These days credit cards are swiped for now and then purposes,  be it when buying groceries,  or re-fuelling at the petrol station,  a supermarket,  clubs, and restaurants,  or while paying bills. Here are  some tactics which can be used to make money out of the credit card:

ways to earn from credit cards

Top Ways to Earn Through Credit Cards

Transferring balances

This is done to reduce interest, so if a person is carrying a balance on a credit card when a high-interest rate, he may be able to save a lot by transferring that balance to a credit card with a lower interest rate. Taking advantage of a 0% balance transfer offer can help pay off the balance without accumulating interest. It just has to be made sure that the payment is to be done every month to bring back the balance to zero within the introductory period, or else the person might still lose money by paying a good amount of interest.

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Paying with a Cashback Credit Card

It lets you accumulate cash reward points on the credit card, and if the credit card is used to pay maximum expenses and not just those purchases that make the reward points, the earning points can be maximized. The card balance should be paid off at the end of the month. Else the interest charge would overrun the cashback earned.

Avoid car rental insurance

A car rental insurance coverage would increase the rental price every day. It should be avoided as the extra insurance would be unnecessary depending on the credit card used. Most credit card companies provide this type of insurance until and unless the coverage offered and paid for the rental is declined by the credit card. This technique can save a good sum of money.

ways to earn from credit cards

Using discount Mall

Many credit card companies provide this discount mall facility. These are national retailers that the credit card provider partner with for providing regular discounts to cardholders. With proper planning, a lot can be saved on dining, movie tickets, gym, clubs, flowers many more if the Purchase is made through credit card issuers discount Mall. The list of savings is usually provided on the company’s website.

Travel and Hotel stays

With every travel and stay, the credit card allows an extra mile or points to be redeemed for a free flight ticket booking or a free hotel room stay. This can be used for an annual vacation, free flight travel, weekender, or annual vacation planning. So before a travel plan is made, a thorough check must be made in this regard.

Sign-up Bonuses

After properly planning to get a credit card and opening a new card, one must always look for a sign-up bonus. These bonuses range from cash back, earning points, free hotel stays,  offers on airline tickets, and many more. The spending bonus earned should usually be spent on the credit card within the first few months of having the credit card. If the requirement is met and the balance is still paid off, the bonus can be earned without paying extra interest.

Shopping is done on retail cardholder discount days

If a person has got retail credit cards in their wallet, there are chances of losing money due to high-interest rates and limited use, but if these retail cards are used occasionally, an advantage can be taken from their reward programs as these cards offer a special discount to cardholders. While getting these cards, one thing that must be kept in mind is that only those cards should be signed up for where the person frequently shops from.

ways to earn from credit cards

Warranty benefits

Some credit cards offer an automatic extended warranty on electronic purchases with no extra cost. These extensions on the warranty can help you avoid expensive repairs or replacements on the electronic gadget, which are quite pricey. So while getting a credit card, one must learn whether this coverage is provided to take the benefit from it.

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Avoid Carrying a Balance

The card benefits are of no use if a balance is carried. To pay the finance charge. The payment must be made in full every month, or else the interest rates and late fees charges will cancel the benefits, if any, or rewards on the person’s savings.

Avoid Paying Foreign Transaction Fees

The credit card provider usually charges 3% of the transaction amount for foreign transaction fees on the purchases made through to other currencies. If the person frequently travels internationally, these charges can pile up. However, some credit card companies even waive off the transaction fees. So this kind of card and its features should be used for significant savings.

Price Adjustments

If you purchased an item today and see it marked down to a lower price after a few days, it calls for a risk of purchasing, which needs to be avoided. This is more often with electronic items and automobiles and their parts. So credit card companies provide price protection benefits and refund the price difference accumulated this way. Every credit card provider has a different policy that must be checked before making a claim.

ways to earn from credit cards

Invest the cashback

The cashback rewards earned on the credit card can be invested to grow into a sizeable nest egg within the stipulated time. Compounding will help grow this amount earned as a reward into a good portion of the money. Some credit card providers even let their holders link to various investment accounts which are eligible. So those credit cards must be opted for which have no restrictive categories. To seize the opportunity of investing the earned money.

So credit card means different to different people, and as per the convenience and depending on the ease of spending, they must be swiped. It must be kept in mind that the credit card can pose a great threat if an eye is not kept to its judicious functioning and use, but if used, it can be a good source of earning from every Purchase made with a credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.1 How I Can use my credit card to earn money?

Ans: Here are some of the ways through which you can earn money from your credit card.

  • To the greatest extent possible, avoid using cash or a debit card.
  • Defer paying your credit card bill until the very last minute.
  • Increase your credit payment cycle by negotiating.
  • Reward Points are a type of currency that can be used to buy things.

Q.2 How To Make Profits from Credit Card?

Ans: Learn how using your credit card responsibly may help you make money rather than lose it.

  • Transfer your balances to save money on interest.
  • Use a cashback credit card to pay.
  • Don’t bother with the car rental insurance.
  • Cashback can be exchanged for a gift card.
  • Make use of the Outlet Mall.
  • Earn free airline tickets or hotel stays.

Q.3 How To Get Rewards from Credit Cards?

Ans: By paying incentives on purchases, credit cards encourage cardholders to use their cards. Rewards rates vary by card, and some cards don’t give any at all, but they can take the form of cash back, airline miles, statement credits, and other options.


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