how much money you can make on youtube

How much Money You can Make on YouTube?

Want to Earn on Youtube? Here are the best Ideas and ways to Earn From Youtube 2021

How much Money You can Make on YouTube?

All of us like watching videos of famous YouTubers for hours daily. Let that be any web series Or vlogs of our interests. However, the thing we do not realize is that the vloggers we are watching are earning good money out of our interest. You can too.

YouTube allows you to make videos, upload them and earn them based on views and likes your content get. It’s a universal platform and you need not worry about your origin or current location for uploading videos. You can also earn money by watching videos. You can utilize this platform from anywhere and anytime. However, your location will affect the major subject of your Vlogs.

The amount you will earn out of your YouTube Vlogs depends on the audience you manage to gather via your content engagement.

You might be wondering, on what basis do YouTubers and Vloggers get paid? There are various factors on which the actual payment of YouTubers and Vloggers depends. They get paid for

  • Number of subscriptions they carry
  • Number of likes they get on a video
  • Audience attraction in the Comment section
  • Or they can simply earn by advertisements through the content

How much Money You can Make on YouTube

Although, there is a certain criterion to be matched before getting paid by your YouTube content. The YouTubers cannot expect any payment if the criterion listed by YouTube itself is not fulfilled. However, it can take time to tick all the boxes on the criterion list, it’s important to know about them first. The basic criterion or minimum requirements listed by YouTube to get paid for your Vlogs and videos are:

  • The first and most important criteria to get paid for your content on YouTube is to sign in and make an account on YouTube with appropriate details. Only this way you can get your account registered and get money for your content
  • The holder must have at least 1000 followers on their YouTube channel and have access to more than 1000 people as audiences for their channel
  • The Vlogger Or the YouTuber must be capable of gathering more than four thousand views on every video for over a year. The content creators need to be consistent in making money.
  • Another important factor is to get approved and receive positive reviews on videos from time to time
  • The YouTubers wishing for a channel that provides them money needs an account with AdSense.

If any YouTuber fulfils this criterion, then only they can expect their YouTube channels to pay them a good amount.

However, the major ways in which the payment of YouTubers is decided is in two ways. The first way is by getting a payment based on pay per click or another method is to get paid for every thousand views the video or vlogs receive. The Lump sum amount is fixed for every thousand clicks on the link of your video.

You need to check criteria and payment options to calculate the approximate value of money you can get out of your YouTube channel. This allows you to find flaws and rectify the situation of working on your YouTube channel. 

Factors to ensure Maximum Pay from YouTube Channel

YouTube channels can pay you a fortune, but you need to make sure that you do everything right from your side. To ensure that everything goes well by your end, it’s important to look after some factors and characteristics you need to have to make sure your YouTube channel pays you the best.

Factors that will ensure how much money you can earn through YouTube are described as:

Follow your interest

Tour YouTube channel must reflect your keen enthusiasm and peak interest and your confidence in the content you are creating. You will have to analyse your hobbies interests, passion, and profession on the same scale. Only then you will be able to select the most prominent And efficient subject for audio and videos on YouTube on your vlogs.

Also learn how to make money from home? You must also keep in mind which Kind of audience you are about to target with your content and videos. This helps you to take a major decision regarding the basic subject and domain of your YouTube videos. Therefore, You must follow your interest so that the audience is attracted by the charm in your eyes and work which is reflected once you do it with all your heart and mind.

How much Money You can Make on YouTube

Be consistent

If you are planning on earning from your YouTube channel, You must keep your mind straight that this is not a part-time job. Being a strong network through your YouTube videos and vlogs is a highly time-consuming and hard-working task. Make sure you post Videos and blogs regularly so that the audience never lose interest in your YouTube channel. Also, it helps you to bring up more subscriptions as everybody looks for an active account while surfing YouTube. Nobody likes the old content, always keep it in mind.

How much Money You can Make on YouTube

Study your target audience’s

It’s the audience that makes you a star from an ordinary vlogger Or blogger on YouTube. . Therefore, it’s important to study the mindset and requirements of your target audience for getting maximum likes and views. You need to observe and grasp the knowledge of what excites them the most. Because, in the end, it’s all about their entertainment. Because their entertainment and your success go hand in hand. They are the makers of your career as a star YouTuber.

How much Money You can Make on YouTube

Make sure you have the most efficient tools in your Kit

Before starting your Vlogging and YouTube channel, you must take a quick tour of your kit. You need to make sure that you have the latest gear and also the best suitable video cameras and cameras, etc. This allows you to make the best quality content and ease in getting more and more subscribers daily.  You can also earn through Swagbucks. You must also get professional training done on the tools to make the best out of them. Therefore, before entering the world of Vlogging and YouTubing, it’s important to keep your weapons on your hands. By weapons here, we Mean your Cameras.

How much Money You can Make on YouTube

Make sure you have an editing team

shooting a video is easy, editing one is difficult. There are many angles and aspects of a video that can only be resolved by using powerful Editing tools. Therefore, you need an editing team. If you are a beginner and can not afford a whole team for editing, you can also hire freelancers for editing your videos.

However, the option of learning editing on your own is always a feasible option for most budding YouTubers. If you are wondering how much money you can make on YouTube, it’s important to think about earning through editing as well.

These factors allow you to have an extra edge while starting a new YouTube channel. They can also help you to find the loophole in the current working procedure of your YouTube channel and make it better.

How to Make Money on YouTube

Although, it’s significant to know how much money you can make on YouTube, it’s equally important to know-how. Even if you know the destination, you must know the path to follow. To make sure you know how to make money on YouTube, we will help you through some ways in which you can increase your YouTube payment cheque exponentially. Ways in which you can earn the most out of your YouTube channel are listed as:

How much Money You can Make on YouTube

Use affiliate links on your Channel

Apart from your regular income sources i.e. your subscribers, affiliate links are a major source of paying you good money. Affiliate links area promoting method where you give links and references for a product of a particular company in your videos. This increases the traffic and sales of the company for which they pay you.

For every user that joins their network via your YouTube channel, you get paid either a percentage or simply a fixed amount company agreed to pay you prior. You can get paid in two ways using affiliate marketing as well. It’s either via pay per click or pay per thousand. It depends on your Agreement with the parent company and your YouTube channel following list.

Be a supporter and partner of an existing YouTube channel

You can also earn by promoting various YouTube videos that already exist. This way, you can earn and refer to their videos along with yours. This is a dual way of earning and vastly available. Everyone loves a crossover or a merge of two different channels in one. This increases the audience engagement resulting in higher payroll.

Convert your fame to Cash

Most of the video game players stream live games and get paid in form of funding. You can get good money by funding money and gift cards from your fans around the globe. Many YouTubers earn more by funding than actual streaming. For this to go smoothly, you need a vast subscriber list that includes people from around the globe.

However, this funding will also encourage you to release better content every day. So this is a win-win situation for all the YouTubers and gamers out there. You must make sure that you release your content regularly and give live streaming sessions to your fans often. Live videos receive the most funding from fans for gamers and YouTubers.

Learn search engine optimization and use it as a powerful tool

SEO allows you to make your content and videos a star by making them stand differently in-crowd a. Although, you might need to learn it from a professional or hire one on a freelancing basis. You also need to understand other tools such as hashtags, mentions, etc to increase traffic and audience on your YouTube channel. This helps you to make your videos stand out and be different from the usual videos. You must study and observe the latest trends of SEO to gain maximum profit from it in your YouTube channel.

How much Money You can Make on YouTube

Become a Brand influencer

Although it sounds very difficult to be an influencer of a particular brand, it pays well. You can select any brand of your choice and work as their influencer through your videos. Famous online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc regularly search for YouTubers and Vloggers to become their faces. You can charge them for every video you make regarding their product. Also learn how to start a website?  However, the brands pay you based on the number of subscribers you have and views you manage to get on a certain video. In the end, it’s all about diverting good and valuable traffic to their parent websites or stores and increasing sales.

How much Money You can Make on YouTube


You can earn anywhere between 0.1 to 0.3 dollars for every view on your YouTube channel. However, other methods of earning can increase this amount. If you are worried about the financial stability your YouTube channel has to offer, must read the stories of famous YouTubers like Dude perfect, jake Paul, etc. For encouragement. Although, the final key to success in the 21st century is to work hard and smart simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many views do you need to start making money on Youtube? 

If you wish to make money from YouTube, you will have to achieve a balance of 100$ and above. So, if you get 20,000 views if you get 5$ for 1000 views on your videos. So, simply you need approximately 20,000 views on your video so that you can redeem the money and earn from Youtube.

  • Is it a milestone to reach 1000 subscribers on Youtube? 

Well, surely it is the first milestone that you reach when you start working on YouTube. When you will reach 1000 subscribers on Youtube, you will receive an email Youtube congratulating you for the milestone. Though this is a small achievement when you talk about the bigger picture, it is surely worth celebrating.

  • How much does a Youtuber gets paid for 1 million views? 

For 1 million views, a Youtuber can get paid approximately up to 40,000$. This price ranges between 3,400$ and 40,000$. Also, to earn 1000$, you will have to get at least half a million views on the video.


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