how to make money from home

How to make money from Home? Top 13 ideas to make money from home

How to make money from Home? Top 13 ideas to make money from home:

Work from home Ideas

Not willing to go out in this drastic situation of covid pandemic all around? But wish to start a new business and not waste any more time? We have got you covered. There are various business ideas you can start from sitting at home. You don’t need a specialized Or individual office for such businesses. If you are looking for ideas for a home-based business, you are looking at the right place.

There are many activities, services and products which you can use to start your own home-based business. All you need to do is understand the demand of the market around you. Also, match some of the requirements that a particular business idea needs. You can analyse your situation with requirements for your chosen business idea. You can also take up a freelancing job which allows you to sell your skills to appropriate buyers.

How to make money from Home

Ways to Make Money from Home

Ways in which you can earn while staying safe and sound in your home are given as:

Start Writing Articles and Blogs

If you have a drive for writing, this can be your way of earning money out of your hobby. Many platforms are looking for online writers and bloggers who can create content specifically for them. You can also try it as a freelancing job Or simply take it as a work from home type work. One of the best way for you to start a blog and grow it to make money from home.

You can apply on various platforms and check if they require a writer or blogger for their products or services. You can either get paid for every article or on the count of words you write on daily basis. A lot of opportunities come up every day for writers and bloggers online.

However, if you are unable to find a job in this domain, you can start your page for blogging and earn through it.


how to make money from home

Run an Online Store for Various Stuff

There are many people constantly looking for stuff to buy online. No one wants to go out shopping in this time of the pandemic. You can run an online store for such individuals. You can learn the steps and procedures to build an online store from scratch. You can start selling products from different local vendors and save some profit from these products. You can also sell these products by start a website it will be using by many peoples in this time which helps them to make money from home.

Majorly, local vendors sell handcrafted material which has a high demand in the market these days. You can also sell essentials like clothing, utensils, footwear, etc to different age groups. Try to keep the profit margin less in the initial stage of your store, as this helps to build up the trust of the customers leading to a bigger picture of success.


how to make money from home

Make your Home Day Care for Kids and Toddlers

Many parents are looking for easily accessible and close daycare for their children. If you are a stay at home parent or working from home parent, this is a great way to earn some extra income. You can easily put a flyer or make an advertisement on your phone and pass it out around your neighbourhood. Also, don’ forget to circulate it in your contacts via online methods. Also, you need to get licensed to start daycare at your home. Although the rules of daycare license are different for different states, you need to check the rules stated by your region prior. Once you fulfil and follow all the rules stated by your regional office, you are set to start your daycare.

How to make money from home

Start Teaching Different Languages to Students over Globe

Many students are looking for a teacher overseas with a grasp of the language they wish to learn. Mostly, students wish to learn fluent English as it’s an international language. If you also have a grasp on any one of the languages demanded by international students, it can be a very good option for you to earn. You can arrange zoom meetings or Google meet sessions for students to learn the language they wish to learn.

Also, this task will require around 2-3 hours of your day. Which leaves you the whole day to take different batches if you want to. However, you must take care of the fees prior and take it in your current currency as you may lose upon exchange of currency. All you need is a good laptop with a stable internet connection for uninterrupted classes.

Be a Bookkeeper cum Account for People

Many people mess their accounts easily. If you can do your taxes and accounts at home, get paid for doing the same thing for others. Generally, people are either unaware Or don’t care about updated tax rules applicable to their budget. This can be your window to earn some good money by simply performing a task you do every time for free.

You can ask your family, friends, acquaintances, Or simply your social media contacts if anyone requires an account or tax generator. If you are not aware of the procedure, you can simply take a short course and gain knowledge about tax generation.

How to make money from home

Begin your Graphic Designing Career from Home

Branding and marketing are the most powerful tools of business nowadays. Many companies are looking for graphic designers to promote and create different advertisements for their brands. From making a logo to the company’s visiting card, a company needs a graphic designer. However, hiring a full time one is a costlier process for the company. That’s where you can step in.

You can easily provide graphic designing services to different companies from different genres and domains. They can pay your per project or per-service basis. You can find clients on various platforms including your social media.

how to make money from home

Sell your Art

If you love painting and designing, it’s time for you to clear your drafts and that box full of art you find old. You can now list handmade paintings, doodling sheets, funky notebook covers, etc on various platforms and get some money out of it.

Also, if you are good at art, customize it for people for some extra money. Many platforms allow you to sell art and artistic stuff online to buyers from different corners of the world. Make sure the platform you are using is popular and well known amongst different age groups. It’s a way to use your hobby as the basis of your business

Repair Electronics and Gadgets at Your Home

There are thousands of electronics in a household. From minor to major, anything can go wrong in a day. For that, everyone needs an electrician or a handyman so that they can get it repaired. If you are a gadget junkie, take benefit of this and fix issues with people’s gadgets. Many times the users don’t break the electronics, they just have trouble using them. You can also extend help in understanding the working of these gadgets and electronics in exchange for cash

Another side of this coin is to buy the old and broken gadgets at the least price. You can then fix these gadgets and sell them at appropriate rates. This way, you can get up to 50% margin in selling these gadgets which you bought for the least money possible.

Sell the Stuff you Make on Websites like

Do you make stuff like pottery, bracelets, necklaces, etc? In your free time? It’s time for you to take this seriously. You can now make these things on a bigger scale and sell them on platforms like Etsy. They have tons of people looking for handcrafted stuff daily. Here are also some way to make money fast. You can cut the expenses of material and the charges of labour included in making it. Then, decide a price and list it on these online platforms.

These online platforms allow you to get into contact with customers from different states and countries over the Globe. You can set any price you feel is worth buying your handcrafted products.

Become the Voice of Different Artists on YouTube and Netflix

There are many scenes and clips in which artists are not hired for special voice recordings like cameo roles. Here, artists called voiceovers to play an important role. Voiceover artists are people hired to only speak the lines of an artist. They don’t show their face on the screen, it’s only their voice for another artist.

This can be a good option for those with fluent speaking skills and interested in anything artistic. This way, you get a chance to be a part of the industry you might join someday. It also looks good on your CV and pays good money. So, if you practice dialogues in front of the mirror every morning, it’s time to earn by doing it professionally.

How to make money from home

Start your Child Proofing Business

Well, you need to keep your child safe especially when you have pointy items and glass items at your home. So, this is one of the ways that you can use for work from home. You can sell different items that can help you to childproof your house. This can not be easily done by the parents so, they prefer going for a business that can childproof their homes.

Make Money by Investing in Stock

So, if you have some surplus money, you can surely invest it in stocks and earn a good return. But, all you need to do while doing so is that you know how trading works. Also, if you are a beginner, you need to make sure to invest your surplus money only and not invest the amount that is your only saving. Before Starting you have to know the difference between trading vs investing. For some people, it is a source of regular income, but, for most people, it is a source of passive income.

If not this, you can also invest in real estate. You should have some analysis in the stock market which helps you to make money from stock market.  It also offers you higher returns but the investment here is also high. For this, most people then prefer using real estate crowdfunding. Here, different investors come together to invest in a single real estate.

How to make money from home

Renting Your Unused Car

On the internet, you’ll come across different websites that suggest you rent a car that you no more use. Because of this, you will be able to earn money even with your unused car. So, the next method that we suggest you earn money is to rent your car to the company through some official platform. This will help you to earn money even while sitting at home and doing nothing.


There are many ideas on which you can run a successful business without compromising your safety and security. You can operate, manage and grow your business online. All you need is to figure out which path you want to move on. It must be something that excites you because the initial years of setting up a business can be very challenging. Yet, if the work is of your interest, you will be able to grow your business exponentially in no time.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Which is the most successful small business?

Businesses like car washing services, electronic repair, personal trainers, Enrichment activities for Children, or food trucks are successful especially when you do not want to invest in the business and do not have enough space.

  • Which business should I choose for 2021?

If you are going to start a business in 2021, you can choose to start your blog, take online classes, create online courses in what you are good at. You can also buy or sell domains or start a youtube channel.

  •  What are some good business ideas?

If you are looking for a unique business idea, you can start selling unique merchandise, customize goodies, start a store on Shopify. Other than this, you can also sell homemade items or start a web-based bakery or kitchen. But, you need to be good at the same to open a unique business at your home.

  • Which items can I sell to make money at home?

Well, if you have old clothes which are in good condition and someone else can wear them, you can surely sell them. Also, you can sell your old books or make handmade Jewellery to sell. Moreover, if you are good at making something else, you can sell it.


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