how to make money writing

How to Make Money Writing

Are You a Good Writer? And want to make money while writing? Here is the Article which give you answer to how to make money writing?

Writing seems to be an easy job to a lot of people, but, only writers know how much time and effort you have to make to come up with a good piece of content. So, if you are good at writing, you should acknowledge your skills. Other than this, you would be happy to know that if you are good at writing, you can also make money out of it.

Seems unrealistic? Trust me, it is not. You can make money while sitting at home read how to make money from home.  There are several opportunities that will help you make money writing. No matter if you are looking for a part-time job or you are looking for a long-term career, writing is surely rewarding. So, if you are also good at writing, this article can be helpful. Here is a comprehensive guide for you to explain to you how to make money writing.

how to make money writing

Ways to Make Money Writing

Write Reviews for Films, Music, and More

If you are aware of how to write reviews, it is a great way for you to make money. Usually, people believe that if they are writing a review, they need to have prior experience. But, very few people know that there are a lot of websites that offer you money when you write a review for something on their websites.

You need to look for such websites where you can pay for writing reviews. On these websites, you will find different products that you can review like gadgets, movies, books, or even other stationery. Also, you can look for different websites like Slicethepie, so that you can earn money by reviewing fashion.

Moreover, this is one of the simplest methods that you can use to make money writing. You will have to look for the website and then sign up on the same.  Read the best ways to make money fast. You can then start reviewing products again. Also, you can register to become a product tester and you will then be able to use the items that you would have to purchase otherwise. Sometimes, there are chances that if you test a product, you can also keep it with you.

how to make money writing

Selling Your Revision Notes

If you write notes while studying and you think they can help other people, it’s time to earn money using those notes. People are also interested in buying complete, neat, and concise notes to study and do not want to make the efforts to make notes.

There are different websites available to which you can sell your notes to other students. Usually, you do not have to pay any money to upload your notes on the website but if you think that your notes are worth buying, there is no objection to paying to list your notes.

Also, if you think that they are some great revision notes, we suggest you create a Studygram account on Instagram that you can use to keep yourself motivating, revise things regularly, and make money writing.

how to make money writing

Writing Articles and Earn Money

If you love writing, journalism is one of the interesting and skilful professions to earn money. If it is what you want to do in writing, you must GO FOR IT.  Read how to start a website and earn. But, you must be aware that this industry is very competitive. You will have to make a lot of effort to achieve a recognizable position in the market. Sometimes, you may have to work on a lower pay scale or sometimes you may have to work without even getting paid.

But, if you are good at writing, you will surely achieve a recognizable position in this market. It may not be easy to make as a journalist as a student, but it is surely worth the efforts that you will make.

To make money writing as a journalist, you will have to start with creating a portfolio and when you will create a successful and solid portfolio, you can start pitching ideas to the upper hierarchy. If they like what you have written, they may also hire you to work as a permanent employee or even a freelancer.

how to make money writing

Make Money Writing Translation

Another way that you can use to make money writing is to write translations. You will come across different companies that will pay you enough to translate any text as a permanent job or as a freelancer. Other than this, you will have to check the amount that you will get for each language. Read the Best ways to earn money.  For some languages, you may get more amount than other languages. For this, you will have to look for different websites like Fiverr which pays you for translating texts in different languages. So, for this, you will have to make sure that you are good at some language so that you can get paid for translating texts.

how to make money writing

Start Participating in Writing Competitions

Not only you can get paid for writing a blog or articles for a publisher, but you can also write articles in writing competitions. You will come across different websites which notify you when they arrange a writing competition. If you are confident enough that you are really good at writing and you can do better at writing, this can be a great way to make money writing.

Other than this, if you want to make your career in writing and you have won a writing competition, it will surely look great on your CV. Moreover, if you are a student, it is a great way to add some money to your bank account.

Monetising Your Blog

The next method that you can use to make money writing is to monetise your blog. For this, you will have to enrol your account on Google AdSense that allows you to place ads on the website. When a user clicks on this website, you get paid according to per click.

Other than this, if you monetise your website and you have good traffic on the website, you can earn a decent amount and it will also act as an online portfolio to help you get a job. For this, you will have to look tor the different websites that offer you a free domain and hosting to host your website on the internet.

how to make money writing

Generating Social Media Content

Do you know how to write social media content? If you do, convert this talent to earn a good amount of money. To make your social media posts more engaging, and engaging content and captions are needed.

Different companies are looking for employees who are good at writing social media content. Other than this, through social media content, you can also try affiliate marketing.

Through affiliate marketing, you will get a commission for the products that people will buy through your link. Sometimes, you may also get to keep the product with you that you are promoting.

how to make money writing


If you have been looking for ways to make money writing, you may have come across different advertisements to become a copywriter. This may not be an easy or quick method to make money, but, this is surely a long term and reliable way to make money writing.

Copywriting is all about creating offline and online content for a company to promote their brand. The content created by the copywriter is read by the client as well as the other members of the firm. Moreover, they are hired to write B2B or B2C content.


Write Your Own Book

This is surely not an easy method to make money writing. Writing your books is not that easy. You need to make a lot of effort to choose the topic of your book, type and then choose the content of your book.

Also, this method can be a bit risky because there are chances that some people may like your book and some may not like it. Other than writing the book, you need to make efforts to publish that book, promote that book, and also, sell the book that you have written.

Other than this, if you are not able to make efforts to print the book and sell it, you can choose to create an ebook. These books can be uploaded on different websites and you can then promote them as much as you want.

how to make money writing


Some writers may like to write but they are not comfortable with public appearances or are just an introvert. Such people prefer writing as ghostwriters. In that way, they earn money for the articles they write and the other person becomes the public face.

Though we are not sure about the salary that you will receive writing as a ghostwriter, if you work for a good client, you can surely earn a decent amount with this. But, sometimes you need a lot of experience to work as a ghostwriter especially when it comes to technical writing. Therefore, it is important to choose a good employer if you are looking for good pay as a ghostwriter.

how to make money writing

Last Say

If you know how to write, you must use it to earn some passive income. Not only passive income, but you can also make it your long-term career. All these methods can be used to make money writing, short term or long term depending upon the idea you choose. So, choose your path and earn money sitting at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the ways to earn money by writing?

To earn money by writing, you can use different ways like starting a blog, publishing a book, working as a ghostwriter, copywriting and more.

  • Where Can I look for freelance jobs?

For freelance jobs, you can visit websites like flexjobs, opportunities of the week, working in content, human jobs, ProBlogger job board, or Solidgigs.

  • What should I do to start content writing?

To start content writing, you will first have to look for the niche of your content. You will then have to start with building a portfolio. Also, create social, proof of your work and create your social profiles. Other than this, you will have to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that people can easily approach you.

  • What do you mean by SEO writing?

Seo writing is all about writing, optimizing, creating the content on the internet with the only intention to rank the website on Google. You need to use proper keywords, headings, meta descriptions, and other SEO rules to write  SEO  based article.

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